Books That Make You Cope with Trauma Through Graphic Novels with Janina Scarlet

  We’re talking about books that make you cope with trauma through graphic novels, especially for teens and young adults. We often think of graphic novels — or comics — as being fun stories strictly for entertainment purposes. The characters are usually superheroes or supernatural in nature, and the purpose is just to have fun, … Read more

Mary Shelley Presents: The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, how about flipping open the first issue of Mary Shelly Presents? Mary Shelley Presents is a series from Kymera Press. In it, Mary Shelley and her old pal Frankenstein’s Monster introduce stories from mostly-forgotten women writers of a long-gone era. Imagine a cross between the Crypt … Read more

8 Unputdownable Books – They’re THAT Good

If you’ve ever read an unputdownable book you know the thrill of starting a new book and not having the willpower to stop reading. Unputdownable books captivate you from page one and keep you on the edge of your seat until you’re finished. The pages fly by as you race to the finish, excited to … Read more

Not Your Typical Summer Reading List

Not Your Typical Summer Reading List Summer reading is all about easy, relaxing, fun books, right? But what if you want more? Summer books can do more than entertain you while sunbathing. They can challenge you, introduce you to whole new genres, and step you out of your comfort zone. The books that bring the … Read more