Book Review: The Last Train to Key West

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For Chanel Cleeton’s third book, The Last Train to Key West, we journey back to the fictional Perez family to follow another one of its members. The Perez family is a wealthy, influential Cuban family that owns sugar fields. Where the first novel in the series followed dual timelines of late 1950’s Cuban Revolution and … Read more

Historical fiction with Laurel Anne Hill, author of Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits

We’re Talking About Books That Make You Love Historical Fiction With Laurel Anne Hill Some of the most magical books are those that reveal adventure, spirituality and myth, while also giving us a glimpse into other times and places. Our guest today is a great practitioner of such stories. We’re headed for the western section … Read more

Climb Aboard Laurel Anne Hill’s Spirit Horse to Explore A Plague of Flies

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After The Engine Woman’s Light, an award-winning young adult novel, Laurel Anne Hill is back with her new book. “A Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846” is a YA historical fantasy that will take you back to the Mexican Alta California in 1846. We’re already in awe of the lead protagonist, Catalina–a daring, courageous, and caring … Read more

Books That Make You Fall in Love with New Historical Romance with Clyve Rose

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  We’re Talking About Books That Make You Fall in Love with Historical Regency Romance Romance novels have come a long way since your mother’s paperbacks. Today’s romance reader enjoys so many various subgenres, offering plenty of areas to explore sexuality and love like no other. Through it all, however, one message often resonates with … Read more

A Princess’ Tale of Love and Courage With Clyve Rose

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What makes a great historical romance novel? We ask Clyve Rose, author of many a historical romance, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Her work is laced with the intense passion and curiosity for historical and mythological research. Clyve believes that love is the highest and strongest force in the world and that it only manifests when we are … Read more

Books That Make You travel back in time to the goldfields of the Alaska with Neil Gordon

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  We’re talking about Books That Make You Travel Back in Time to the Goldfields of Alaska — Again! You may recall that we went on an Alaskan adventure with author Neil Perry Gordon to talk about his book “Hope City.” Now Neil Perry Gordon is back with a new historical fiction tale, “Cape Nome.” … Read more

S:02 E:19 Books That Make You Want to Join the Movement to Revitalize Labor with John DeSimone

    We’re all aware of the contributions that the labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez has made in our world, and the spirit of his movement has again risen forth in the timely new historical fiction novel, “The Road to Delano”. In it, author John DeSimone introduces us to Jack Duncan, who … Read more

S:02 E:18 Books That Make You Travel Back in Time to the Alaskan Goldfields with Neil Gordon

    An adventure awaits! Imagine: it’s the summer of 1898, and as a teenager, you’re traveling to Alaska to brave a gauntlet of greedy, ruthless adversaries. The catalyst for this adventure?  The historical fiction yarn “Hope City”, by Neil Gordon.  Having established himself as a well-respected and prolific historical fiction novelist, Neil has written … Read more

Debra Tash Tells All

I cannot get enough of dystopain novels. I like the thrill and suspense, but most of all I love relating a fictional outlook to our current experiences. Last Call – America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls is my new favorite dystopian novel. The book opens in a small town with a pair of sisters just trying to … Read more