Antonio Salazar-Hobson’s Memoir Reveals His Truth

Antonio We Know You

Antonio Salazar-Hobson is an author whose Antonio, We Know You: A Memoir recounts his story surviving a kidnapping that took place when he was a young boy. In an article posted in Newsweek, Antonio goes into detail about the ordeal he went through and reveals his personal truth. He notes how the alleged kidnappers, “Groomed … Read more

How to see the signs, then break the cycle with Marci Hopkins. Author of Chaos to Clarity

Books That  Make You Go From Chaos to Clarity How can you see the signs, then break the cycle — or cycles — you may be trapped in? While on the path to recovery or transformation, it’s difficult to recognize the things that may be holding you back. People often feel stuck, hopeless, like there … Read more

Book Review: Antonio, We Know You by Antonio Salazar-Hobson

“[Antonio, We Know You] is an unassuming family narrative — a quest-based on hope, redemption, and triumph, and it affirms the spirit of integrity in us all.” – Jimmy Santiago Baca    Chicano author, advocate, and tribal lawyer Antonio Salazar-Hobson just released his memoir titled “Antonio, We Know You: A Memoir”  last April 22 through Wyatt-McKenzie. It … Read more

From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist by Chester L. Richards

In this book untitled “From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist”, Chester L. Richards presents his memoir. Former aerospace engineer, Richards offers us a collection of stories, spanning from Wild West trails tales of his ancestors to the Second World War and his experiences in the aerospace industry.      … Read more

Adventure with Chester L. Richards, author of From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond

Books That  Make You Undertake Life-Changing Adventures We all dream of adventure. Maybe some of us take on a mountain hike, or go on safari while vacationing. Do we really know, though, what it’s like to experience heart-racing, adrenaline-rushing, real-life adventures that change us to the core, making it so that we’re never the same … Read more

From Slave to Leader with Paulino Mamiir Chol, author of Leading the Lost Boys

Books That Make You Experience a Harrowing Journey As a child, Paulino Mamiir Chol was kidnapped, separated from his family, and taken by gunpoint to Northern Sudan. He rose up and became a leader to the frightened, hungry band of boys the world would come to know as The Sudanese Lost Boys. On a quest … Read more

Book Review: Race for What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within by JD Mass

“Race For What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within” is an upcoming book by international author JD Mass that will be released this March 29, 2022. The said book showcases JD Mass’ lifelong journey to racism. This biographical book features their own stories and experiences of JD Mass and his … Read more

Yvonne Wakefield’s Self Portrait: Babe in the Woods

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If you want to find yourself, try to escape into the wilderness. At least, that’s what artist Yvonne Wakefield did. Yvonne recently published The Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait is the second book from her three-part memoir series. The Self Portrait covers a significant part of Yvonne’s four-decade-long relationship with her log cabin. The … Read more