Book Review – Stormsend: Saga of the Freewilds by Michael Paul Scott

The beast was nearly upon her. And with that rocket-propulsion of an opening, we’re off into Michael Paul Scott’s Stormsend, the first installment in the Saga of the Freewilds, a series that combines the twin inspirations of dark fantasy and detective noir to conjure a tale—and a world—that both beckons with familiars while refreshing the … Read more

Book Review: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

2019 Goodreads Choice Award winner for Mystery & Thriller! The Silent Patient follows the story of Theo Faber, a psychotherapist who is working on a special case in a psychiatric ward. Theo has signed up to be Alicia Berenson’s therapist—who was once a popular painter, married to her husband Gabriel, who is a fashion photographer. … Read more

Deadly Awakening: Things Aren’t so Grim When the Grim Reaper’s Around

Black & White Stormy Beach

Deadly Awakening is book one of The Ashdale Reaper Series, an urban fantasy written by G. K. Lund. In this urban fantasy story, magic collides within a modern-day urban setting, when self-help author Ben Reed decides one day to take his own life. What he didn’t account for was that the Grim Reaper himself would … Read more

Books That Make You Think About Honor Killings with Mike Robinson Marilyn Anderson Richard

Image of podcast on honor killing

    We’re talking about Books That Make You Think About Honor Killings — and issues of ethnicity, sexism, and spirituality in these tumultuous times. It never ceases to amaze me how fiction mirrors real life. The fictional book “Dishonor Thy Father” is inspired by the real-life issue of honor killings, and set in the … Read more

A Political Thriller by Scott Brody Sparks Burning Questions About Our Future

Climate change and politics always make for engaging conversation. Throw in a little murder, and you might just have the recipe for a great novel. So follows Scott Brody’s novel “The ORG”. Whether you are politically conscious or just interested in following the news, this book will provoke questions about the world around us, and … Read more

A Murder Mystery That Takes You on a Chilling Icelandic Adventure

How intertwined are we, really? With the ease of researching one’s DNA, anyone can see what their ancestry is capable of revealing. Most are prepared for the result, others might be shocked. Increasingly, we understand that the more we learn of our history, the more we’re able to shape our future. Sara Winokur offers readers … Read more

Spectris, by Quinn Coleridge – you’ll stay up all night to finish it!

This book takes place in the late 1800s and holds elements of paranormal, mystery, romance, drama, and humor. Seriously, this is now becoming one of my favorite series! I loved the first book, Veritas, and Spectris doesn’t disappoint! Hester is back with her fantastic, feisty narrative, along with the spectacular Doctor Kelly. In addition to … Read more