Another Delicious Horror by Super Chef & Award-winning Author David Ruggerio

Award-winning author, David Ruggerio is set for a winning streak for his favorite genre with the next horror novel – A Prison Without Locks. But why are some prestigious reviewers raving about the still to be released book, you ask?   David Ruggerio Promises Horror Fiction Fans Many Sleepless Nights Here are some of the reasons … Read more

Surviving Remote Work: Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Measures

Remote Business Expert Sharon Koifman Shows Us How to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving in His Book – Surviving Remote Work Surviving Remote Work is a brainchild of Sharon Koifman, a visionary and expert in building and leading remote businesses. Launching this November, the timing of the book release couldn’t be better. Amidst the Pandemic, … Read more

The Dragonfly Rises from The Perfect Revenge Saga of Love, Hate and Hope

Longtime philanthropist, WilD is passionate about the cause of female empowerment and has devoted years to this mission. In this period, he has discovered something wonderful and inspiring that he wants to share with the world. WilD’s first book, The Dragonfly Rises from The Perfect Revenge series, is out. As a storyteller, his message is … Read more