The Future of Livestreaming and Digital Media with Ross Brand, How AI Is Reshaping Content

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OvBRTRkOW4 Books That Make You See the Future—As It Pertains to AI in Livestreaming and Digital Media Livestream events like The BookFest, for which Books That Make You is a presenting sponsor, are becoming more and more popular. The pandemic pushed us into a digital landscape, and that momentum remains strong. A leading figure in … Read more

Nurture Children’s Well-Being with Laura Leone’s Book, Conscious Kid-Adventures with Zane

Books That Make You Go on a Conscious Adventure with Your Kid—or the Kid In Your Life When we’re children, whimsical storylines can open our minds and hearts, and inspire us. Nowadays, however, that sense of wonder seems more vulnerable than ever, as our society puts so much emphasis on structured learning, timelines, the screen … Read more

Join Forces with Aliens to Confront a Mutual Enemy, Beyond the Steps of Stone By Beth Freely

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C9gtLHvjMc Books That Make You Join Up With Aliens to Face a Common Enemy—With Maybe Some Romance on the Side Let’s bend some genres, shall we? Award-winning author and BookFest Bellwether Beth Freely is also a businesswoman and publishing industry professional, and while raised in upstate New York who spent some time in Great Britan, … Read more

Curl Up with A Fun, Fast-Paced Mystery. Donalee Moulton Brings Us Hung Out to Die

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsSMxBRL4T8 Books That Make You Curl Up With a Fun, Fast-Paced Mystery Nothing beats a book that makes you want to pour a cup of something warm and cozy up by a rainy window while the fireplace crackles. And that’s what author Donalee Moulton delivers in her mystery novel, Hung Out to Die. The story … Read more

Writing and Artificial Intelligence, with Desiree Duffy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTPaEi84Nlw Books That Make You Think About What It Means to be Human, and to Write Like so many arts, writing has been a talent and skill—emphasis on skill, since lots of folks still think that writing is merely natural talent or that storytelling is easy, and reserved for humans since time immemorial. No other … Read more

Ancient Artifacts and Cautionary Tales with P. L. Hampton, Author Of SHADOWLAND

https://youtu.be/CxFvc4u5dlY?si=k8Ea1ajrRK2fotY_ Books That Make You Enter a World of Ancient Artifacts You Positively Should Not Mess With If you’re like us, you love cautionary tales warning readers of the things they shouldn’t mess around with. And when you mix horror, suspense with poignant themes like family and potentially losing it all, you have one of … Read more

Audio Books For Children with Author Kelly Anne Manuel & Becky Parker Geist Pro Audio Voices

https://youtu.be/K7FQnvpVVoQ Books That Make You…Listen Do you listen to audio books? Do your children? Especially beneficial for auditory learners, or for those of us who like to multitask while enjoying a book, the world of audio books has come a long way since the days of “books on tape”. Children’s author Kelly Anne Manuel, renowned … Read more