Book Review-Rocky Mountain Star (Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 2) by Virginia Fox

  Bestselling author Virginia Fox returns with the delightfully cozy follow-up to her first Rock Mountain Romance book, Rock Mountain Star: Tyler + Pat. This time, we meet the “one and only” Tyler Carter, a successful Vegas ballerina performing for a resident show (think Cirque du Soleil) and enjoying all the glitz and glamour the … Read more

Rocky Mountain Yoga Will be Available in the US

Rocky Mountain Yoga, Book 1 in the Rocky Mountain Romances series, introduces readers to Jasmine and her dog Rambo. This big city girl runs for her life with her standard poodle in tow after she discovers her boyfriend is involved in some shady business. Furthermore, she escapes to her grandma’s house in a small Colorado … Read more

Book Review: Mountain Town Mischief with a Poodle (Rocky Mountain Cozies Book 1)

The first book in Virginia Fox’s Rocky Mountain series, Mountain Town Mischief with a Poodle (Rocky Mountain Cozies Book 1), is an uplifting romance story that promises to enrich a reader’s life through its stalwart belief in love and the promise of new beginnings. The story centers around Jasmine, a yoga instructor who flees to … Read more

Books That Make You Fall in Love with New Historical Romance with Clyve Rose

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  We’re Talking About Books That Make You Fall in Love with Historical Regency Romance Romance novels have come a long way since your mother’s paperbacks. Today’s romance reader enjoys so many various subgenres, offering plenty of areas to explore sexuality and love like no other. Through it all, however, one message often resonates with … Read more

A Princess’ Tale of Love and Courage With Clyve Rose

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What makes a great historical romance novel? We ask Clyve Rose, author of many a historical romance, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Her work is laced with the intense passion and curiosity for historical and mythological research. Clyve believes that love is the highest and strongest force in the world and that it only manifests when we are … Read more

Always a Princess: A Romany Romance

When Romany Princess Syeira Brishen first meets English nobleman Captian “Wil” Clifton, circumstances couldn’t be worse. Wil has just wounded her brother Valkin in a duel over poaching and a slight offense against Lady Haversham. Instantly drawn to one another, Syeira and Wil negotiate a complex set of societal conventions to do what’s best for … Read more

Books S:2 E:13 That Make You Heat Up With A Romantic Summer in 70s Brooklyn, with Dave Ruggerio

    Every summer, booklovers head to the beach to dip themselves into something steamy and scintillating. This year, author David Ruggerio offers a new addition to our beach-bound bookbag, with his novel “Say Goodbye and Goodnight”.  A super chef-turned-writer, David is known for his debut work, the acclaimed horror novel “A Wistful Tale of … Read more