Get Ready to Become a Dad with J Hall, Author of God Help Me! I’m A Young Dad

https://youtu.be/MNgVk0pblgA Books That Make You Become the Best Dad You Can Be We often hear about the struggles of young moms. Parenting is full of challenges and unknowns. It can be tough. That’s why young dads also need guidance and support. An author, educator, podcaster, and all-around family guy, J Hall has released his first … Read more

The Key to Owning Your Message, Something Major

Communication is essential in our lives, especially in leadership and the workplace. It enables us to convey our messages, educate and give information, and address further issues. A successful communication cycle must occur, and we can ensure that by fully owning up to our message and not holding back. This article will discuss the key … Read more

One Addiction, One Cause, One Solution with Dr. Donna Marks, author of Exit the Maze

Dr. Donna Marks

Books That Make You Reconsider and Re-approach Addiction We often think about addiction in terms of addiction to substances like drugs and alcohol. When we talk about our careers though, we use terms like “dedicated” and “hardworking”. When we talk about relationships, we use words like “madly in love” or “domestic abuse”. What if all … Read more

How to see the signs, then break the cycle with Marci Hopkins. Author of Chaos to Clarity

Books That  Make You Go From Chaos to Clarity How can you see the signs, then break the cycle — or cycles — you may be trapped in? While on the path to recovery or transformation, it’s difficult to recognize the things that may be holding you back. People often feel stuck, hopeless, like there … Read more

How to Recognize your own Mindless Behaviors with Beatrice Adenodi

Books That  Make You Recognize Your Own Mindless Behaviors. We all have them: mindless behaviors that hold us back both professionally and personally. We wonder why we get stuck and can’t move forward. We hide behind masks and keep doing what we were taught (incorrectly) back in grade school. The result is frustration, as we … Read more

What It’s Like to Be a Fit Model With Heather Mathes, Author of Paid to Be Perfect

Heather Mathes BTMY podcast image

Books That Make You Realize What It’s Like to be Paid to be Perfect Professional model Heather Mathes was paid to be perfect. Imagine being paid to maintain a perfect size six your entire adult life – for decades she had to maintain such exact measurements. In doing so, she discovered her body’s natural size. … Read more