Understanding How Bookworms Can Make Money With Their Book Obsession

Is one of your favorite things to do after work to settle down with a good book? Does cracking the spine of an American classic erase all the stress of the job? If that is the case, imagine if your love of reading could actually become your work.

The cliche is if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. So, bookworms, read on.

There are quite a few clever ways for avid readers to make money with their book obsession.

Sell Your Library

If you are a traditionist, you likely prefer the paper and ink look and feel to electronic copies of books.

The one drawback of this is the ever-growing library in the home. Books are small, but once your collection starts swelling to several hundred copies, it begins to take up a lot of room.

Fortunately, there is a way to cash in on this issue. There is still a large market for used books. There are many places for selling used books online.

Not only will you make money trimming down your collection, but it’s also a chance to share your favorite books with other readers out there.

Collecting Rare Books

There is more to collecting and selling books than swapping well-read copies of trade paperbacks. Another way to make some coin focusing on books is breaking into the market of rare and collector’s items.

First editions, signed copies, and rare prints of certain books are a great investment. If you learn more about how to identify and collect books you can keep an eye out for treasures at thrift stores, junk shops, and antique places.

Just to pique your interest a signed and inscribed copy of In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway sold for $150,000.

Write Reviews

Do you have a unique point of view that reaches beyond a lay description? Perhaps you can opine as a book reviewer.

There are many sites, blogs, and periodicals that need writings. Depending on the situation, it may call for in-depth criticisms of works or reviews of the latest release.

Write book reviews in a freelance capacity and hone your skills.


If you have a strong understanding of grammatical rules, you can make money as a proofreader.

There is a massive need for proofreaders across all forms of writing. Fiction, non-fiction, essays, and blog posting all need proofing.

Put your keen eye for detail and love of reading to work. The beauty of proofreading is you can do it from anywhere.

Recording for Audiobooks

Hardcopies of books are great, but there is also a huge market for audiobooks. If you have a pleasant and articulate voice, you may get paid to read aloud.

Because listening is an alternative way to digest literature, many authors want to have an audiobook version of their content.

You can be recording will a computer microphone on freelance sites. If your particular lilt and infection catch on, you may be a full-time reader.

Bookworms Can Make Money

These are a few of the different ways bookworms can turn their hobby into a job. Your book obsession may be a path to lining your pockets. If you love what you do, it’s not a job, right?

If you found this guide interesting, stick around the blog for more bookworm articles.

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