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Ways to enjoy reading this fall

Fall is the best time of year to cuddle up with a good book. Here are some ways to make reading extra special. So grab that novel you’ve been dying to read, cozy up and enjoy the experience.

1. Pair your book with a fall drink

Hot cocoa, hot apple cider, maybe even a hot tottie, fall books are best when you’re sipping a warm beverage.

2. Get Cozy

The best part of reading books in fall is wrapping yourself in a big comfy blanket. Cozy up with your biggest fall sweater, fuzziest socks, and your cute fur baby.


3. Find a fall reading spot

Find your favorite spot to enjoy fall while you turn the pages of your book. You could watch the leaves fall from your bedroom window while reading. Maybe sit out on the porch with the crisp fall air. Or head to your favorite coffee shop to get lost in your book.


4. Set the mood

Lets face it, everything is better with a little candle light, or next to a roaring fire. Set the mood for your reading session and read by the light of a fire.


5. Don’t forget the snack

Make sure you have a fall snack while reading. May I suggest a big caramel apple? Or a slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream? There are so many yummy fall snacks to enjoy while reading.


If you’re looking for fall books to enjoy check out our Fall Reads recommendations. Also, don’t forget to enter our Fall Book Giveaway. Win a bunch of new books to read this season and some awesome fall goodies!

Bree has a love of books and a passion for sharing stories. As a book blogger, writer and admin of this site, Bree’s goal is to spread the joy of reading with others.

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