What to Do With Old Books: A Basic Guide

Did you know that there are mental health benefits to decluttering and cleaning your home? It boosts your well-being, builds self-esteem, and improves your focus! Plus, it makes your home look beautiful.

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider getting rid of books. Most people have sizable collections that they don’t even read, so stop letting that space go to waste! They’ll be better off somewhere else where they’ll at least get cracked open once in a while.

Not sure what to do with old books? You don’t have to trash them! Instead, keep reading on for 5 handy ideas to get you inspired.

Look For a School in Need

If you have many children’s or young adult books in your collection, take them around your local school district! Most schools accept used book donations, and the students always appreciate them. Some also host book drives specifically in search of them.

If none of your nearby schools need any, consider reaching out to neighboring districts. Or, you could always look for other organizations in need of children’s books. For example, there are select nonprofits that collect them for low-income families.

Give Them Away for Free

Not everybody has time for selling books or looking for donation centers. For an easy solution on what to do with old books, give them away for free! It takes away the hassle and almost always guarantees someone will take them (because they’re free!).

The best place for listing your free books are online marketplaces or neighborhood groups, like those on Facebook. Let people in your community know that you have some books to give away, and then decide how you want them to pick them up.

Find Somewhere to Sell Them

Make a little cash while you’re getting rid of books! You’ll create more free space in your home while your wallet gets some extra padding added. Plus, the money might motivate you to clear them out faster.

If you’re not sure how to sell old books, don’t stress. You can try online marketplaces, host a garage or yard sale, or look for a consignment book store. Once they get sold, you can use the money to buy even more books for your collection!

Donate Them to a Good Cause

Have you considered donating books to any nearby charities? That’s a great way to remove them from your home! You’ll get to enjoy the feel-good benefits of donating, too.

Trying to find out where to donate books? Organizations like Goodwill, the local library, or online nonprofits are great places to start! You might even find ones that pay you cash for your donations.

Now You Know What to Do With Old Books

Is it time to declutter your home? Start by getting rid of books from your personal library! As long as you keep this guide in mind, you’ll certainly know what to do with old books you don’t read anymore.

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