#6 Unique In America: An Immigrant’s Story – Yanique Beliard Michel

We’re talking about Books That Make You see America through the eyes of an Immigrant. 

Most Americans today can trace their ancestry back to immigrants who came here from another country. Some of those journeys happened more distantly in the past, and some more recently. The commonality we share is that as American’s we are uniquely united together in this nation. 

The reality is that there is a lot of red tape and difficulties when coming to the US. Women especially deal with stress and hardships, leaving one family and starting a new one in a new place. 

The book Unique in America is the memoir of Yanique Beliard-Michel. It is the story of how she came to the US and chased after her dreams. The road was not easy, and it is through her eyes that we can come to understand the stories of so many who immigrate to the United States.

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