#11 How To Engage Children in Education with Books – Lisa Blecker

Children’s books imprint upon us at an early age. Think of the books you read as a child. I bet you still fondly recall Little Golden Books, Dr. Seuss, and others. The lessons learned in these books stay with us throughout our lifetime, so isn’t it important for our children to read books with positive messages that celebrate diversity and spark imaginations?

We have a wonderful guest who creates award-winning books and games for children. They have amazing themes that you simply must share with the children in your life.

Lisa Blecker’s books include “The Good In Me From A to Z,” Blessed Is the Spot,” and “Sweet Neighbors Come in All Colors.”  

She and her husband, Aaron Kreader, both graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where they studied art and illustration. They run a family-friendly multi-media and games publishing company called Studio 9 Inc.

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