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Authors, Publishers & Promoters Seeking Book Review Services: It's Time to Choose Your Adventure

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Books That Make You works exclusively with authors, industry pros, publishers, book promoters, and publicists. Signing up is free, but everyone is vetted to ensure quality, professionalism, and to make sure you are human. Watch your email inbox after signing up for your verification.

If you’ve written an outstanding book, or work with outstanding authors, then we want to work with you.

Book review services include a custom editorial book review of 500 words (or more) written by a professional book reviewer. It will be written with SEO in mind and do-follow links are allowed to your website.

The reviews include pull quotes which may be used as back cover blurbs, editorial reviews, and testimonials for your website or marketing materials.

Select reviews are chosen for the “heart” distinction. If a book has “heart” it’s shared in the Webby Award-winning Books That Make You Newsletter to over 22,000 subscribers. Plus, if you’d like to further boost your book’s exposure, add on Exclusive Promotional Opportunities.

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About You: You’re writing your book, releasing soon, or have a backlist book that needs a boost.

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Whether you’ve written one book or hundreds of books, this is the place for you.

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About You: You work with multiple authors as book promoter, publicist or publisher.

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Industry Pros include agents, publicists, and publishers.

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