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Interview with Jay Morris PhD Author of Masterpiece: Our Journey to Spiritual Transformation
Q.What Inspired You to Write Your Book? A.I believe the Holy Spirit inspired me to write Masterpiece at a very young age. The...
Books That Make You at The BookFest: Celebrate Reading Together
As proud sponsors of this year’s BookFest, happening on April 6th and 7th, Books That Make You is thrilled to invite book...
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The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Line Up - We'll See You There
Join us at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books for a fun-filled celebration of stories and storytellers! We’re thrilled...
Your Ultimate Guide to the Top Books At The BookFest
The BookFest Happens April 6th and 7th – Check out these Favorites As we approach April 6th and 7th, the literary world...
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Scott Ryan, Author of The Last Decade of Cinema
Q. When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? A: I don’t think it was something that I realized. I wrote my first book when...
How to Egg-cite Your Easter with Books
Spring is hopping around the corner, and Easter is on its tail! It’s the time of year when we get to indulge in our love...

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Book Reviews

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The Berman Murders
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The Salvation of Henry Maxwell
Everything has Meaning: What the Tree Stand Murders Taught me About Life, Death, and Destiny


Unlocking Your Leadership Potential with Speaker and Author, Elena Agaragimova

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The Future of Livestreaming and Digital Media with Ross Brand, How AI Is Reshaping Content
6-23-BTMY-James Dashner
Exploring The Maze with James Dashner Author of The Forthcoming Book The House Of Tongues
6-22-BTMY-Doug Kari
The Berman Murders: Uncovering the Truth with Investigative Journalist Doug Kari