This book takes place in the late 1800s and holds elements of paranormal, mystery, romance, drama, and humor. Seriously, this

This book is listed as a “Gaslamp fantasy”, but I’d probably describe it as more of a gothic paranormal historical.

I cuddled up with The Prince on a rainy Saturday morning, with a mug full of my favorite green tea,

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, how about flipping open the first issue of Mary Shelly Presents? Mary

Some might look at Janie Weiss and see a beautiful, rich and carefree woman leading a glamourous life. She is


Is there a well-rounded list of books on your shelf? In addition to all those motivational and success books, do you branch out and read other topics? What about fiction?

Reading is good for your brain. Whether you are young, old, or in between, there are plenty of benefits to sitting down with a good book. Let’s explore some of

Deborah M. Pratt was co-creator and co-executive producer and the head writer for the hit TV show, Quantum Leap. A visionary who imagined a myriad of scenarios that challenge humanity,