Darren Campo, Books that make you excited about the future

#29 Books That Make You Excited About the Future – Darren Campo

Not all science fiction is dystopian doom and gloom. There are those with a positive future where we’ve overcome socio-economic challenges, where people and technology are used to answer greater cosmic mysteries. Some Science Fiction books even make you excited about the future.

What positive themes do you like to read about? How about immortality? Life after death? Children overcoming obstacles and learning and growing? What about our animal friends? And that whole idea of nature vs. technology but for the good of humankind. Now that’s what I like to read, too! 

Our guest today has written several books with these themes and more.  

Darren Campo is the author of the bestselling Alex Detail science fiction series. His novels include Alex Detail’s Revolution, Alex Detail’s Rebellion, Disappearing Spell, and Stingers.  They really do make me excited about the future.

Darren Campo also served as Senior Vice President of Programming Strategy at Food Network and the Cooking Channel. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Programming, Production, and Development for TruTV, part of Time Warner’s network portfolio, including HBO, CNN, TBS, and TNT. Prior to these roles, he worked in various positions at Court TV and CBS. 

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