Author Adrienne Monson Interview on the Books That Make You Show

#49 Books That Make You a Vampire Expert with Guest Adrienne Monson



Author Adrienne Monson talks with Books That Make You host Desiree’ Duffy about the love of vampires and her highly acclaimed book series, the Blood Inheritance Trilogy.

What is it about vampires that pique our interests? Is it their super abilities, their backstories that make them relatable? Or their daring and confident qualities that enable them to excel in sexy and romantic roles?

Adrienne Monson may just have the answer. Listen as she tells us about the Blood Inheritance Trilogy—a series of vampire-themed novels, as well as her historical romance, retold fairy tales, dystopian, and other genre collaborations.

Monson has been called the “vampire expert” by MSN, and in other areas in the literary field, she has achieved success. She judges several writing contests, mentors soon-to-be authors, directs and participates in writing workshops.

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