#7 Shades & Shadows; An Organization For Horror Writers and Horror Lovers – Xach Fromson

Dark fiction. Horror, thrillers, dark fantasy, mysteries, science fiction, and more. What makes fiction dark? Why do we enjoy curling up with something that scares us?

Better yet, do you like listening to books, or listening to scary stories? It is honestly one of my favorite things. I love listening to author readings where they share excerpts from their books, and I can get lost in their writing through their words.

There is something primal about listening to a story—like ancient people circling a fire, sharing tales of the beasts that stalk them in the woods, or the dangers that lurk in the shadows—we have this need to listen and share dark stories in the oral tradition.

Our guest today is the founder of Shades & Shadows, Xach Fromson. He organizes author readings, events where they share their writing with the audience. These are wonderful community events and a huge support to authors.

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