An Inclusive World with Rebecca Inch-Partridge, author of Escaping the Dashia

Books That Make You Undergo a (More Inclusive) Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure

A lifelong author, Rebecca Inch-Partridge grew up writing stories about The Bionic Woman meeting Captain Kirk.
Her first novel, Escaping the Dashia, is a YA science fantasy, published by Black Rose Writing. The book tells the story of young telepath Twyla, kidnapped by her mother and forced to participate in the criminal organization that is her family’s business.
Rebecca is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and Broad Universe.
She frequently attends and speaks at writers’ conferences and pop culture conventions. Her short stories and articles have appeared in several magazines, and she has won Honorable Mention in both the Writer’s Digest and Writers of the Future competitions. She received her bachelor’s degree from William Jessup University in Management and Ethics—which she swears is not an oxymoron.

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Nikki Scott

Nikki Scott