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Books That Make You Learn About Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Janet Brill


Today we’re talking about Books That Make You Learn About Intermittent Fasting

Diets and health crazes come and go, but intermittent fasting, in particular, has been shown to have health benefits and has been around for a while. Is this something you should try? Will it work? How can you do it safely and reap the most benefits?

Dr. Janet Brill is a nationally-recognized nutrition, health, and fitness expert, and published author. Her latest book is part of the “Dummies” series: “Intermittent Fasting for Dummies” and has been released in time for the holidays.

Dr. Janet is dedicated to her field and to the broader goal of educating the public on heart health. She is a trusted source of information and is a frequent guest expert on local and national television. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz show numerous times, CBS “On the Couch” and as a nutrition expert for “The Balancing Act” (Lifetime).

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