Junyi (April) Zhang, author of the award-winning children’s book When Mommy’s Busy

Books That  Make You You What To Do When Mommy Is Busy

Children’s books often are about learning activities, and stories with fantastic adventures and morals. Sometimes, then, it’s refreshing when they tackle practical, everyday matters like: what should kids do when Mommy is busy? Because let’s face it, parents sometimes have stuff to do.

Junyi Zhang’s—or April’s—book is called “When Mommy’s Busy”. It’s about a little girl named Bubu who learns how to play by herself when daddy and mommy are busy. April feels it is important for kids (and not only kids, but adults too) to learn how to enjoy the time when there is nobody around.

April is a Los Angeles-based animation background designer, illustrator, concept artist and storyteller, currently working at Roughdraft Studios. She received a Bachelor of Arts from the China Academy of Art as well as a Master’s of Fine Art in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. She’s worked in Visual Development in animation TV, games, and has additional experience working on commercials, short films, books and more.

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