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Podcast #4 Lon Varnadore – Humanity’s Capacity For Change, Assimilation and Acceptance in the Age of Science Fiction

Desiree Duffy speaks to Science Fiction author of “Mostly Human” Lon Varnadore about the fundamental questions asked by all Science Fiction writers.  With the promise of space travel looming, how would our lives be impacted?  Could human beings emotionally adapt to life in space?

Lon Varnadore novel “Mostly Human” centers around Mars. The small red rock that started with the dreams of astronomers and sci-fi writers. It became a place for broken dreams, the desire peddlers, criminals and those who were labeled as criminals.
4Pollack, Four to his friends, is a cloned detective who just lost his partner when an old flame shows up. This femme fatale drags Four into a dangerous game of deceit, mayhem and murder.

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