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Books That Make You See Problems in the Justice System with T L Bequette


We’re talking about Books That Make You Think About the Injustices Within the Justice System

As the world watches high-profile cases and movements like Black Lives Matter gain more momentum, important questions about the criminal justice system come to mind.

Our author today comes straight outta that world and into the world of writing. T.L. Bequette is a criminal defense attorney turned writer. Located in Oakland, California, most of his practice involves defending accused murderers. His outlook on the criminal justice system’s need for reform, the unbalanced jury selection process, and his fight for those receiving harsher sentences than they deserve, is what fuels his writing.

“Good Lookin’” is his debut novel that weaves his expertise from the courtroom into the pages of a thrilling mystery. Bequette’s writing is inspired by his time in the courtroom where he has tried over 20 murder cases. His skill in delivering closing arguments and presenting the stories of his clients to the jury make him a master storyteller.

He holds degrees from The University of the Pacific and Georgetown Law School and serves annually on faculty of the Stanford Law School Trial Advocacy Clinic.

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