9 Children's Books to Help Parents Introduce the Idea of Moving

9 Children’s Books to Help Parents Introduce the Idea of Moving

In today’s fast-paced world, moving has become a common phenomenon, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons. But for families with children, moving can be a challenging experience, especially for the little ones who may not be comfortable with the idea of leaving their familiar surroundings and friends behind. One way to make this transition easier for children is through children’s books. Children’s books can help parents explain the process of moving to their kids in a relatable and easy-to-understand way, while also offering comfort and reassurance during this time of change.

1. “Big Ernie’s New Home” by Teresa and Whitney Martin

This is a heartwarming story about a boy named Ernie who is moving to a new home. Ernie is hesitant about the move, but with the help of his family and new friends, he learns to embrace his new home and all of the exciting possibilities that come with it.

2. “The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

This classic children’s book tells the story of the Bear family’s move to a new treehouse. The book addresses the concerns and fears that children may have when moving while also highlighting the excitement of new beginnings and new friends.

3. “Alexander, Who’s Not Going to Move” by Judith Viorst

The book tells the story of a boy named Alexander who is unhappy about his family’s impending move. The book addresses the sadness and resistance children may experience when faced with a move while also showing how parents can help their children come to terms with the change.

4. “Boomer’s Big Day” by Constance McGeorge

It tells the story of a dog named Boomer who moves to a new home with his family. The book addresses the challenges of moving to a new place, making new friends, and adjusting to a new routine. The story is heartwarming and relatable, making it an excellent choice for children moving to a new home.

5. “The Leaving Morning” by Angela Johnson

This beautifully written and illustrated book tells the story of a young girl named Kieko who is moving away from her grandmother and the farm where she grew up. The book explores loss, change, and the importance of family and community. The story is emotional and thought-provoking.

6. “A Kiss Goodbye” by Audrey Penn

It is a story about a family of raccoons who is moving to a new home. The book explores the emotions and fears children may experience when moving while showing how love and support from family and friends can help ease the transition.

7. “Moving House” by Mark Siegel

This graphic novel tells the story of a family’s move to a new home. The book addresses the challenges of packing, saying goodbye to friends, and adjusting to a new environment. The story is told from the perspective of a young girl, making it relatable and engaging for children who are moving.

8. “Moving House” by Anne Civardi

The book explains the various steps involved in moving, such as packing boxes, saying goodbye to friends, and traveling to the new home. The interactive format of the book makes it fun and engaging for children.

9. “The Goodbye Book” by Todd Parr

The book explores the many different feelings that children may experience when faced with a move, such as sadness, fear, and excitement. The colorful illustrations and simple language make the book accessible to even very young children.

Moving is a part of life, and while it can bring new opportunities and experiences, it can also be a difficult and emotional experience for children. As parents, it’s important to recognize and address the concerns and feelings that children may have about the move. By taking children’s feelings into consideration and providing them with support and resources, parents can help ease the transition to a new home and make the experience as positive as possible.

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