Travel Through Time and Cultures in a Captivating Trilogy with William Stevenson’s Latest Masterpiece: Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the annals of history as award-winning children’s book author William Stevenson presents his newest release, Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. This blog-friendly edition brings together three thrilling adventures into one engaging volume, promising an unforgettable experience for young readers.

In this trilogy, Stevenson seamlessly weaves together fiction and historical facts, creating a narrative that not only entertains but educates. Join Ricky and Pop Pop on a time-traveling escapade, exploring the mysteries of ancient civilizations and meeting iconic historical figures.

From the heart of Rome, where Ricky and Pop Pop intervene to change the fate of a teenage Julius Caesar, to the awe-inspiring wonders of ancient Egypt’s pyramids, each story is a perfect blend of excitement and learning. The adventures extend to the birthplace of democracy in Greece, where mythical gods and goddesses come to life, and epic battles unfold before your child’s eyes.

Stevenson’s unique storytelling approach is fueled by a desire to make learning enjoyable. “I crafted these stories to ignite curiosity and a love for history,” shares Stevenson. “They were initially for my grandson, and now I hope they enchant children of all ages.”

Are you ready to combine education with excitement? Grab your copy of Ricky’s Dream Trip and let the adventures begin!

Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece, and Rome is available for purchase in paperback on Amazon, with the eBook version.

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