Growing Up Hollywood: What You Don’t See In The Movies

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Author Tara Botel Doherty’s newest book, Growing Up Hollywood, shows how deceiving perfect pictures can be. The collection of short stories  paints a detailed picture of life growing up in the legendary Hollywood. Growing Up Hollywood reveals the true face of Hollywood in the 1970’s, the Hollywood you’ve never seen in movies, the way it … Read more

#4 Lon Varnadore – Humanity’s Capacity For Change, Assimilation and Acceptance in the Age of Science Fiction

Humanity’s Capacity For Change, Assimilation, and Acceptance in the Age of Science Fiction Desiree Duffy speaks to Science Fiction author of Mostly Human Lon Varnadore about the fundamental questions asked by all Science Fiction writers. With the promise of space travel looming, how would our lives be impacted? Could human beings emotionally adapt to life in space? … Read more

Podcast #3 Celeste Duckworth – The State of Education and Readership In Today’s World

In this episode, Desiree Duffy speaks to Author, Publisher of Vertikal Life Magazine and fellow bibliophile Celeste Duckworth about the state of education and how we can all help the next generation learn through our writing. At one time, Celeste embarked on studying to become a lawyer, but her professor cautioned her that she would not make … Read more

Podcast #2 Nanishka Torres – Using Fantasy and Sci-Fi to Shine a Light on Society

Desiree Duffy speaks to Fantasy author of “The Prince” Nanishka Torres, about her book, the Fantasy genre, and how she drives a story. The Fenrir Chronicles: The Prince by Nanishka Torres is a fantasy book that combines romance with adventure. The Prince makes a societal statement about the dangers of religious factions and their part in maintaining … Read more

Podcast #1 Laurel Anne Hill – The Engine Woman’s Light

Desiree Duffy speaks with author/speaker Laurel Anne Hill about the need for heroes in society and our literature. There’s a lot of incivility happening in the world today. Entire groups of people are marginalized based on their ethnicity, religion, gender, and more. It’s so easy to turn away from the truth and pretend the hate … Read more

The Lonely Hearts Bar Revealed

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  My Favorite Part? All of It. The Lonely Hearts Bar is a slice-of-life story that engulfs the reader completely. It’s the kind of book you read and you feel like you’re watching it on a big screen. It delivers like a screenplay, with three main chapters that can also work as the three acts … Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on me. So, here’s a reminder, Mother’s Day is May 11th – don’t forget! Jump on Amazon and order your mom a book she will totally appreciate. Or you could ignore me and rush to the drug store on May 11th to try to find one of the … Read more

Don’t Judge a Book by its…Review

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In the age of Amazon, Goodreads, and endless blogs, book reviews are everywhere. People don’t typically pick up a book without first reading through endless opinions. However, each book affects each individual differently. A “bad” review is simply a personal preference. A reviewer may have a genuine reaction to a story that is completely different … Read more

Sneak Peek at the LA Festival of Books Lineup

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This year the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will showcase many talented authors from all over the world. It is the largest books and storytelling event in America. It started in 1996 and is now world renowned. Writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, musicians and emerging authors all gather to celebrate literary culture. Here is a … Read more