Immerse Yourself in An Epic Fantasy world, with C D McKenna, author of The Vorelian Saga

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-gkI5yuogw Books That Make You Immerse Yourself in a Tolkien-Level Fantasy World Nothing gets our imaginations going like living in a fantasy world that feels so real, you know the locations, the societies, cultures, the countryside as well as (or maybe better) than real world geography. Enter the award-winning The Vorelian Saga, from author C.D. … Read more

Join Forces with Aliens to Confront a Mutual Enemy, Beyond the Steps of Stone By Beth Freely

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C9gtLHvjMc Books That Make You Join Up With Aliens to Face a Common Enemy—With Maybe Some Romance on the Side Let’s bend some genres, shall we? Award-winning author and BookFest Bellwether Beth Freely is also a businesswoman and publishing industry professional, and while raised in upstate New York who spent some time in Great Britan, … Read more

Curl Up with A Fun, Fast-Paced Mystery. Donalee Moulton Brings Us Hung Out to Die

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Writing and Artificial Intelligence, with Desiree Duffy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTPaEi84Nlw Books That Make You Think About What It Means to be Human, and to Write Like so many arts, writing has been a talent and skill—emphasis on skill, since lots of folks still think that writing is merely natural talent or that storytelling is easy, and reserved for humans since time immemorial. No other … Read more

Starting Over Late in Life with Lisa Niver, Author of Brave-Ish

https://youtu.be/eZnNC0LrfSc?si=PlkYmnpdcbC_9R3B Books That Make You Brave-ish What happens when you feel like a failure? When you’re pushing fifty, getting divorced and moving back into your parent’s home to start from scratch? Well, if you’re like Lisa Niver, you start by taking one “braveish” step at a time. Each step took her away from her old … Read more

Empowering Women with Sara Connell, Author of The Science of Getting Rich for Women

Books That Make You Walk New York Streets with Madwomen—Then, Perhaps, Become Rich As a Woman Like many types of creatives, authors have many facets. Sometimes they write books that cross genres which, while appearing different from one another, actually possess a thematic and philosophical through-line—if you look hard enough. Sara Connell is a bestselling … Read more

Help Children Connect, with Sarah Vie, Author of Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

Books That Make You and Your Kids Practice Connecting with their Inner Greatness, Potential and Overall Resilience It’s important to let kids learn to recognize their truest potential before they start hearing, believing and internalizing the world’s “limiting stories” that are out there. Bestselling author Sarah Vie returns to talk about her children’s book, Let … Read more