Start the New Year with New Books

Make your New Year’s resolution worthwhile by setting a goal worth achieving. It’s the perfect opportunity to enrich your mind, body and spirit in order to become a fulfilled individual. Start the New Year off with these new books. The following books are written by experts and enthusiasts in various fields. The stories contained within these … Read more

The Books That Make You Holiday Book Gift Guide

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We Love Obscure Holidays

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Spooky Books for Halloween

As first seen on Projectdreamscape.com Costume parties, horror movies, trick or treating, and spooky books! Halloween is here and it’s time to sit down with a scary new book.   Oubliette: A Forgotten Little Place Number one on our list is Oubliette: A Forgotten Little Place. You’re going to want to make sure you keep the … Read more

Autumn Reading List

It’s finally that time of year again. It’s the season of carving pumpkins, crunching leaves, cuddling up in warm sweaters, and best of all, reading cozy books! Autumn reading lists are all about finding a new world to explore while you relax and snuggle up with a fresh new book on a crisp autumn day.  … Read more

8 Unputdownable Books – They’re THAT Good

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Not Your Typical Summer Reading List

Not Your Typical Summer Reading List Summer reading is all about easy, relaxing, fun books, right? But what if you want more? Summer books can do more than entertain you while sunbathing. They can challenge you, introduce you to whole new genres, and step you out of your comfort zone. The books that bring the … Read more