An Inclusive World with Rebecca Inch-Partridge, author of Escaping the Dashia Books That Make You Undergo a (More Inclusive) Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure A lifelong author, Rebecca Inch-Partridge grew up writing stories about The Bionic Woman meeting Captain Kirk. Her first novel, Escaping the Dashia, is a YA science fantasy, published by Black Rose Writing. The book tells the story of young telepath Twyla, … Read more

Time travel historical fiction Mark J. Rose author of Matt Miller in the Colonies Architect Books That Make You Stand at the Intersection of Technology and Society Mark J. Rose is a scientist who believes in both evolution and God, as well as an author who sends readers back in time with his historical science fiction series Matt Miller in the Colonies. Hand in hand with his writing is … Read more

Interview with Mark J. Rose , Author of Matt Miller in the Colonies Book Four: Architect

Q. What Inspired You to Write Your Book? A. I’ve always been interested in how much we know about how the things around us work. We use machines every day but often have no idea how they function or how they’re made. For example, I grew up working on car engines, but I’d have no … Read more

The Power of Friendship with Aleksandra Tryniecka, Author of Bunky and the Walms

Books That Make You Feel the Power of Friendship, Loyalty and Nobility—and Share It with the Little Ones in Your Life Children’s books with positive, powerful messages are an excellent way to not only introduce children to reading, but to give them a foundation built on uplifting ideas—ideas that teach them life lessons to help … Read more

Interview with Rebecca Inch-Partridge, Author of Escaping The Dashia

Q. What Inspired You to Write Your Book? A. I never fit in at school. Growing up a Jehovah’s Witness and a Trekkie made me feel like an outsider. Imagining what it’d be like to travel to a galaxy far, far way—creating my own universe and cast of characters—became the perfect escape for me. I took … Read more

Meeting Children Where They Are, with Kelly Anne Manuel, Author of 4 Children’s Book Series Books That Make You Flip Upside-Down, See the World Anew, and Become a Prolific Children’s Book Writer…Just Like Kelly Anne Manuel. Kelly’s here with four captivating series for kids, all with an array of positive messages. There are a total of 31 books—one for each day of the month. The Essentials Series contains positive … Read more

Interview with Clyve Rose, Author of The Kings Mistress

Q. What Inspired You to Write Your Book? A. I’ve always planned to write The Clifton Hall trilogy and when AAP was done, I began to think seriously about how Lydia Clifton might develop as a young woman. How she might develop anxiety and a sort of defiant resilience. I wanted to showcase a heroine with … Read more

Realizing Love is The Answer with P. B. Lamb, Author of Angels of Light

Books That Make You Realize—Through Fantasy—that Love is the Answer Love, of course, is a universal theme: constantly considered, constantly sought. No matter what faith you practice, no matter how you worship, the bottom line is we’re all here to express—and create—love in our relations with one another. Such is the powerful message author P.B. … Read more