A Look at The Engine Woman’s Light

The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Anne Hill is an award-winning young adult novel that is gaining in popularity. The alternate history novel is a one of a kind adventure. It combines steampunk with Mexican and Native American history, while discussing difficult subjects like mortality and loss. The Engine Woman’s Light is a must read, … Read more

Learn more about Bobby Goldstein

Bobby Goldstein, cheaters, XXvXY

Bobby Goldstein, creater of XX v XY: The Final World War XX v XY: The Final World War is set in America’s dystopian future. America is split in half, the East is ruled by men who have made life for women into a beauty pageant. The women are physically and mentally manipulated for the amusement … Read more

A Chat with Author Laurie Finkelstein

Laurie Finkelstein Author of Next Therapist Please Laurie’s debut novel, Next Therapist Please, mirrors many aspects of her life, including her struggles with mental illness. Laurie lives with depression, anxiety and OCD. Laurie deals with the challenges of mental illness by using comedy and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Laurie’s goal is to break the … Read more