Kaddex: Daniele De Vecchis

Kaddex Daniele De Vecchis

Kaddex and Kadena, The Future of Decentralized Finance. The Kadena blockchain is not your typical infrastructure network. Its ultimate goal is to solve the scalability problem faced by the ecosystem and to offer a network for the future economy. The creation of Kaddex was born out of the desire to build one of the key … Read more

Business mediation in practice: squabbles about a contract

Business mediation in practice: squabbles about a contract, How does mediation work in a business conflict? And why is it more effective and faster than court proceedings? The answer to those questions lies in the top 3 causes of conflict; clashing egos, miscommunication and mistrust. What stands out? Exactly, the content of a conflict is not … Read more

7 proven methods for finding a job in digital marketing

7 proven methods for finding a job in digital marketing Is there another annoying YouTube ad on your screen that interrupts the video? Did you enter the site while another ad popped up on your screen? Congratulations! Now you understand how digital marketing works. The more the ad appears on the user’s shiny screen, the more likely a company … Read more

Book Review: Antonio, We Know You by Antonio Salazar-Hobson

“[Antonio, We Know You] is an unassuming family narrative — a quest-based on hope, redemption, and triumph, and it affirms the spirit of integrity in us all.” – Jimmy Santiago Baca   Chicano author, advocate, and tribal lawyer Antonio Salazar-Hobson just released his memoir titled “Antonio, We Know You: A Memoir” last April 22, 2022. It tells the … Read more

“Chaos to Clarity” by Marci Hopkins

I felt called to write Chaos to Clarity: Seeing the Signs and Breaking the Cycles for those still struggling in a battle against addiction, anxiety, depression, self-hatred, substance abuse, sexual trauma, and more. It is a book about owning behaviors and habits from the past and moving from victim to survivor. It’s about uncovering the … Read more

The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri

One of my most anticipated YA books of the year, The Jasmine Throne quickly became one of the best fantasies I’ve ever read. If you are looking for an immersive book with sublime prose that will leave you speechless long after you finish it, The Jasmine Throne is the book for you. From the very … Read more

Banking Made Easy Thanks to Cell Phones

As technology continues to improve, one of the areas that we see the most consistent development is in cell phones. This is because, over the last ten years or so, cell phones have become so commonplace that nearly every person on the planet has one (we are currently at about 5 billion or so). And … Read more