AmyLea Murphy Uncovers the Dark Truth of Seemingly Fine Teenager’s Life

Can you relate to feeling the pressure to be someone you’re not? Author AmyLea Murphy explores what’s hiding behind a mask through the eyes of a teenager in her upcoming novel Fine. In this interview, we ask AmyLea what makes her so passionate about this topic and get some inside scoop of her soon-to-be popular … Read more

S:02 E:18 Books That Make You Travel Back in Time to the Alaskan Goldfields with Neil Gordon

    An adventure awaits! Imagine: it’s the summer of 1898, and as a teenager, you’re traveling to Alaska to brave a gauntlet of greedy, ruthless adversaries. The catalyst for this adventure?  The historical fiction yarn “Hope City”, by Neil Gordon.  Having established himself as a well-respected and prolific historical fiction novelist, Neil has written … Read more