The Newest Children’s Book by Award-Winning Author Steven Joseph is Available Now

Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles is the newest book by award-winning author Steven Joseph, is available now. The children’s book invites the readers into a world where even the crankiest person can find happiness! Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles offer great and humorous storytelling applicable to children ages … Read more

Dive into the new environmental thriller The Silent Count, by E. A. Smiroldo

Books That  Make You Want to Confront Climate Change As the planet’s climate changes and we see more and more damage around the world from droughts, rising temperatures, ecosystems changing, rising sea levels and so much more, we might wonder what it is we can do. Author E. A. Smiroldo uses real science in her … Read more

Back to School Books: 8 Books for Bright Minds

It’s back to school time and whether you’re a parent who needs to indulge in some reading material now that the kids are off, or a student who wants to expand your reading horizons, there is something on this list you’ll enjoy.  You may miss the carefree days of summer but it is a well-known … Read more

How to see the signs, then break the cycle with Marci Hopkins. Author of Chaos to Clarity

Books That  Make You Go From Chaos to Clarity How can you see the signs, then break the cycle — or cycles — you may be trapped in? While on the path to recovery or transformation, it’s difficult to recognize the things that may be holding you back. People often feel stuck, hopeless, like there … Read more

The Damaging Effects of Amazon’s Ebook Return Policy

There’s a new ebook return policy on Amazon that promises to be detrimental to authors who use Amazon as a selling platform. The policy states that customers can return an ebook within seven days after purchasing it.  Amazon is the only major publisher with this policy. None of the other big five have put forward … Read more

Yigal Ziv’s take on Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan

Yigal Ziv finds this book informative and opinionated, which justifies Yigal Ziv’s view, reading additional material on the subject from other sources for a balanced view. Here Yigal Ziv is sharing information from his reading of this book. Hirohito was the grandson of Emperor Meiji, who oversaw the Meiji restoration, a critical period in the … Read more

The Silent Count Follows a Nuclear Engineer Who Could Save the World

Dara Bouldin’s plan to reverse climate change that promises to be effective. There are just a few problems: no one at her company knows she exists. She’s reeling from a broken engagement to her musician ex Jericho, who’s rapidly rising up the charts with his new single, and, in addition, she has to pay off … Read more

Book Review: Antonio, We Know You by Antonio Salazar-Hobson

“[Antonio, We Know You] is an unassuming family narrative — a quest-based on hope, redemption, and triumph, and it affirms the spirit of integrity in us all.” – Jimmy Santiago Baca    Chicano author, advocate, and tribal lawyer Antonio Salazar-Hobson just released his memoir titled “Antonio, We Know You: A Memoir”  last April 22 through Wyatt-McKenzie. It … Read more

From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist by Chester L. Richards

In this book untitled “From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist”, Chester L. Richards presents his memoir. Former aerospace engineer, Richards offers us a collection of stories, spanning from Wild West trails tales of his ancestors to the Second World War and his experiences in the aerospace industry.      … Read more