Author Joe Belcastro is Promoting His Debut Novel DOMINATURE

Joe Belcastro is on tour for his debut novel DOMINATURE. Above all, the book is an epic fantasy adventure which reimagines divine beings in this provocative alternate telling of one of humanity’s famed creation stories. A Story About Gods and Humanity The introspective question of whether anyone can overcome who they are explores the nature … Read more

The Silent Count Follows a Nuclear Engineer Who Could Save the World

Dara Bouldin’s plan to reverse climate change that promises to be effective. There are just a few problems: no one at her company knows she exists. She’s reeling from a broken engagement to her musician ex Jericho, who’s rapidly rising up the charts with his new single, and, in addition, she has to pay off … Read more

Holiday Book Gift List

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This year, holiday shopping is especially stressful. Shipping delays, supply shortages, popular items flying off the shelves. Let’s get back to basics. This holiday season, let’s celebrate our loved ones. Let’s focus on family, friends, and good books. Instead of running around to stores, or trying to order gifts that aren’t shipping until 2022, put … Read more

Book Review: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

2019 Goodreads Choice Award winner for Mystery & Thriller! The Silent Patient follows the story of Theo Faber, a psychotherapist who is working on a special case in a psychiatric ward. Theo has signed up to be Alicia Berenson’s therapist—who was once a popular painter, married to her husband Gabriel, who is a fashion photographer. … Read more

Stand Up for What’s Right with Michelle R Young, Author of Gear Heart

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Michelle R Young Talks About Books That Make You Stand Up for What’s Right Don’t you love fiction books that have powerful themes and messages that help empower us? “Gear Heart” is such a book. It is a retro, futuristic, espionage trilogy where heroes are chased by portal-projecting enemies, thwarted by secret passages, swayed by romance, … Read more

There’s Another Book Inside Today Will Be Different

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Essential people in her life describe her as a solo act at best, and “egomaniacal, solipsistic, self-focused” and, perhaps most hurtful, “a mean mom.” Yet, the morning her story begins, Eleanor Flood lists the many ways in which she and today will be different, by which she means better. Following this mom and her nine-year-old … Read more

A Princess’ Tale of Love and Courage With Clyve Rose

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What makes a great historical romance novel? We ask Clyve Rose, author of many a historical romance, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Her work is laced with the intense passion and curiosity for historical and mythological research. Clyve believes that love is the highest and strongest force in the world and that it only manifests when we are … Read more

Books That Make You Escape With Author Gerald Everett Jones

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  We’re talking about books that make you discover yourself while on an exotic adventure. Of course, books take us away. To different places, different times, to meet different people. The external adventure is often just the backdrop to the real story, which is the internal or psychological journey we take with the character. The … Read more